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Chris King NOX Composites build


Here is one of my latest builds. Limited Edition Chris King sour apple hubs laced to a set of NOX Composites XCR-29 rims.  Wheelsmith DB-14 spokes were used along with sour apple alloy nipples.  I’m not a weight weenie but for those who might want to know, weight came in at 1650gr.

You might not be able to tell from the picture but the front is a Chris King Lefty hub.  Quite a bit heavier than a stock Cannondale Lefty hub, but you get the quality, reliability, and colors of Chris King.  I use Wheelsmith DB-14 spokes for a lot of MTB builds.  When DT Comps or Sapim Race spokes are too much and Revolution or Lasers are not enough, the DB-14 slots in close to the middle.  Perfect for disc applications.

The NOX XCR-29 rims were the first in the NOX lineup.  They now have many new models including the Skyline, Teocalli, Farlow and the brand new Kitsuma 27.5 42mm wide rim.

As both a Chris King and NOX Composites dealer I have access to all their models. Except the limited edition Sour Apple, of course.

Zipp Firecrest 404 rebuild

Zipp 404 rebuild

Zipp 404 rebuild

Apparently there is a durability problem with some of the older Zipp hubs.  I rebuilt this pair of 404 Firecrest wheels with Chris King R45 hubs and Sapim CX-Ray spokes back in January and I have done three more sets just like it since then.

If you have a set of Firecrests with hub issues feel free to give me a call to discuss options.    Zipp makes one of the best carbon rims on the market.  Don’t let them sit around collecting dust, they have a lot more life left in them